Mridangam Studio Mridangam, Tanpura, Metronome

Do you play Carnatic music? Are you in need of real Mridangam beats & loops for your musical practise? Awaken your senses and download and play Mridangam Studio, an app which features Real Mridangam, Tanpura, Jalra & metronome for Carnatic music all over the globe.

Mridangam Studio is a brand new app intended for Carnatic music. The apps contains real Carnatic Mridangam drum loops for Carnatic musicians.

The mridangam loops are recorded by Sumesh Narayanan, and compiled, edited and created by Aman Kalyan of Kalyan Studio Apps. Whether your are new to Carnatic music, or a seasoned pro, Mridangam Studio - Carnatic Tanpura and Metronome, is an app you would defnitely want to try.